Google Feud – Think Like Google

Google Feud is a unique game of puzzles played on the internet that is based on a well-known American television show that has one difference The player has to determine when well-known Google search results will conclude. One simple example is one such query: “What day is it …” and what day is it?” You need to answer the question by determining what you believe Google autocomplete will suggest. In this instance “What day is it today?” is probably the best bet.

It is a Google play with search results is much more entertaining than you ever imagined. Every time you’re presented with a brand new search term, you are able to guess the autocomplete of up to 10 suggestions for the phrase, and it’s quite difficult to get the right ones. Did you know for instance that the phrase “giraffes can be …” generally ended by “heartless animals” as per Google autocorrect?

Each Google Fued game starts with providing you with four categories. “Culture” represents general searches and ‘People’ is more specifically about the individual and human characteristics, ‘Names’ are connection to political figures and celebrities, while “Questions” could be any search that has an asterisk. Once you have selected your category of choice, you’ll be presented with a page that looks like a standard search engine. The goal is to imagine the sentence within the search bar and then guess the most searched-for versions of the phrase the results from Google suggest. Enter them in the search bar one at a time, and watch how many of them appear on the board below.

The concept of Google Feud is both simple and innovative. You just need to try playing the game once to see how bizarre and funny some suggestions can be and how fun it is to try to guess the terms people across the globe are searching for. If you think that you could become an expert on Google trivia, get ready to test your assumptions and find some of the most bizarre searches ever played by engaging in Google Fued!