LoLBeans – An Addictive Multiplayer Game

Fortnite as well as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds might have influenced the format of last-placed-player however, LoLBeans has unleashed its potential by painting it in hot pink and fitting it into an outfit that resembles a hot dog. Mediatonic’s child-friendly game is a lively, vibrant refreshing breath of fresh air. It offers a different, less aggressive method to combat royales, without changing the excitement. Instead of C4 it’s Vitamin C that you’ll steer away from as you’re bombarded by massively overgrown oranges just two of its dozen games show-like events. Most of these mini-games hit their mark by providing enjoyment and displeasure in equal quantities. Combine them with a lively visual style and a tense soundtrack, and LoLBeans can cause you to want to kick the air when you win and scream at the screens when you’re not winning but you’ll laugh regardless.

The concept of LoLBeans is sure to be familiar to people who have watched game shows like Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle. Create your own custom jelly bean character through five minutes of inflatable chaos and you’ll stand a chance to win the title. Each game is set up as an episode, and runs approximately 15 minutes that further reinforces the TV-like feel. The controls are easy to use with running and jumping, diving and grabbing for your sole means to traverse obstacles to avoid obstacles and hang to the edge of your seat in other survival-focused events that could threaten to drop you into dark depths. If you happen to be eliminated, you’ll are able to see the remaining players battle to take the crown as the equivalent of glycerin gets poured through your ears. A game show can only be as good as the games but this is the place where Fall Guys’ current pool of 24 mostly wins.

The race-like obstacle courses have provided me with the most fun, particularly when it comes all the way to the end as the beans bounce off each other and frantically race towards the finish line, hoping to get there.I’ve really enjoyed the chaos that is Hit Parade and the precarious spinning platforms of The Whirlygig, which often turn chaotic as more characters attempt to squeeze through small gap or to all leap for the same platform. It’s never a dull way to choose from, and some offer an extremely risk-reward proposition that is a plus since it doesn’t feel as if you’re out of the race even though you’re far from the front of the crowd. The game of Door Dash you hurtle towards the bottom of the track, trying to jump through doors, some that will open some will remain closed. There’s a wonderful feeling when you walk through a door while your opponent is pushed face-first into an unintentional brick wall.